August 4th, 2015. Vienna Airport. Time: 12:40.
„Kann ich mein Handgepäck überall hier rauftun?“
„ Sorry, do you speak English?“
„Erm … erm …. can I put my luggage also up there … on the right?“
„Sure, anywhere you like.“
First time flying with Finnair and my first encounter with the stewardess after onboarding was pretty
embarrassing. Never mind.

Helsinki Airport. Time: 17.05
“Excuse me, Madam! I’m looking for the bus that goes to temper …”
“Temper? Tam … per? Pere? Tampere?”
Stammer. Stutter. Stumble. Here we go … Story of my life.
“Oh, sure … the bus station is right there!”
“Thank you so much!”


Lapinkaari, Time: 21.00
After seeing approximately ten million trees passing by from my window seat on the bus, I finally
arrived in Tampere. My international tutor picked me up from the bus station and took me to Lapinkaari,
where my dormitory was located.
“Huh? How does this doorlock work?”
“You have to turn to the right.”
“To the right?? Are you sure? Huh? Like this? Oh … wait … wait … oh. I got it, one second. No, wait …
please help me.”
“It’s like this. Here we go, this is your room.”

Safe (but awkward) arrival … Check!

August 5th, 2015. Lapinkaari. Time: 13.00.
Meeting up with my tutor to go shopping at the city.
“You really need this? Then we need to go to Halhoiejbgdlilkatu, then move on to Laihdhdosksliukatu to
get you a 30-days ticket. Here, this is the main street Haldsjoiskloarjfnkatu.”
“Huh? Ah yeah, sure. I got it. Where is the “Lidl”? I would need food for later.”
“There is a “Lidl” at Rhoshahslkghkatu.”
“Ah? … yeah … sure.”


IKEA. Time: 16.30
“Moi! Kahdeksankkylejlsk kolmekymemtää.”
“Sorry? I only speak English.”
“That would be 80,30 Euro.”
“Oh … here, thanks!”

Grocery Store. Time: 19.00
“Moi! Kolmetoisja viisikymmentlakj.”
“Wow, everything is quite expensive here compared to Austria.”
“Sorry? You speak English?”
“No! I mean yes! Sorry, I was just talking to myself. 13,50 Euro, right? Here, thank you.”

Back at Lapinkaari. Time: 22.30
“Tutor … where do I recharge my prepaid SIM-Card?”
“At the kioski. You also need to recharge your bus card there every month.”
“Ah ok, kiitos! I need to go to Nlajoirötupitödkatu tomorrow, which bus do I take?”
“Number 2 and then at Kkulajlronlsidkatu you make a transfer and take the number 8 bus.”
“Ah ok … thank you! I mean kiitos kiitos.”

First culture shock … Check!



Text and photos: Chen Yi-Pei


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