Getting to know Tampere

When I arrived at the first of August it was cold and rainy, it was later in the afternoon and I went to buy some bread so I had something to eat for the evening. The first thing I saw from the flat was a big package of advertisement at the flat entry. Then I saw the really bright and big kitchen with much space for everyone. I was the first of us four in the apartment so I was free to choose the room. I decided to take the brighter one.

Amurin työläismuseo Storch
At the next day the sun greeted me with a warm day to discover Tampere. I took the bus to the city enter, which was an experience by itself, because in Munich you don’t have to wave for the bus to stop, you don’t have to show the bus driver your ticket and do not buy it at the driver, we have automats for that.
I first went to the tourist information to pick up a map and ask for the way to the Amurin museum. I heard there will be an English guide at 12 o’clock every Sunday. I had much time left to go there so I was walking around at the Keskustori and took some pictures.

Amuri Storch
At the Amurin museum I had a guide for myself due to all the other people wanting to have a Finnish guide… I wonder why 😉 The tour took much longer than usual, because I was asking so much about Finnish culture and history if something crossed my mind by talking about the museum contents. After that I bought a coffee and something sweet in the museum and walked back to the bus station while taking a lot more pictures.

Text and photos: Annemarie Storch

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