Minä pidän Suomesta!

I have been in Finland for more than seven months, but unfortunately I just visited Helsinki and Jyväskylä since I had a plenty of classes last term.

For Helsinki, I went there four times, it is a more alive city than Tampere, and it makes me feel like in China. Helsingin Tuomiokirkko is the grand white Lutheran church which is located in Council Square, and more importantly, it is a symbol of Helsinki.

helsingin tuomiokirkko

As you all know, we had our Chinese Lunar New Year a couple of days ago, and there was a fantastic performance in Helsinki. I was so lucky to get a free ticket to be there, the main actors were from Beijing Art Troupe. They showed Kongfu, Lion Dance and Chinese Dance, it was really worth to been seen.

We visited Jyväskylä Chinese Student Association last October. Jyväskylä is a smaller city than Tampere and what impressed me most was that there is a wide lake and a long bridge in the city center. Besides its railway station and bus station are at the same place which is convenient to transportation. I went to the highest tower and took a picture of the whole city.


In the winter vacation, I skied at a skiing park around Lukonmäki several times which I have never done before. It was exciting sport for me.


tengfei suksilla

The last thing to mention is the Basketball Game, the performance during the break is so interesting, all of them were made by children or teenagers. And at the half time of the game, the little boys were playing against girls which surprised me the most.




Finland is a great place to live. I am living a happy and full life in Tampere although it is a little bit quiet and cold for me. I will travel to Turku, Oulu, Kemi and Rovaniemi during my Spring Week, then I shall have more interesting and funny pictures to share with you.

Text and photos: Tengfei Liu

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