Tampere on kaunis

1. kuva

It’s the end of my first period in TAMK and Tampere and I can say I’m very comfortable here. I’m so comfortable that I have not even travelled to Helsinki yet.

But why move when I can make so many things here? Just getting out of my room and being able to be walking on a lake in five minutes is magical for me. We don’t have lakes where I live and let alone big amounts of frozen water.

I’ve discovered many beautiful places in Tampere and I’m ready to see more of this winter wonderland. Hopefully I’ll go to Helsinki next week and I will certainly visit some smaller cities and towns.

2. kuva


2. kuva viereen

But the lake next to Lapinkaari is my absolute favourite place, I’ve seen such beautiful skies there. And of course the sauna next to the lake is a plus.

3. kuva      3. kuva viereen

I’m comfortable with the place and also with the people. I like people who don’t talk much, but honestly finns are not as cold as they think they are (but their weather is). Yesterday an old woman laughed with me at the supermarket when I accidentally pressed a button in a children’s book and it started to make an odd noise. Finns are as nice as everything else in Finland, not including food, drinks and cinema ticket prices.

4. kuva

This place is very nice in winter and I can’t wait to see how it is in spring. On the other hand, I don’t want spring to come because that would mean that my time for leaving this city would be even closer.

P.S. Kudos to the munnki! 10/10 would eat 10 of them everyday.

5. kuva loppuun


Text and photos: Idoia Davila



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