International Coordinator, Mirja Onduso and Communicator, Andruta Ilie started organizing a series of Finnish activities at TAMK for international students who study or do their exchange at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The aim of this project is to introduce students to the Finnish lifestyle while connecting with each other and developing friendships.

With more than 2,000,000 saunas in Finland, it’s no surprise they have become entwined in the national culture. In the past, people used saunas as places to wash during long winters and even to give birth to children.

Experiencing a Finnish sauna would not be complete without a dip or a swim into the lake so we wanted our international students to get a real feel of it by visiting one of the public saunas located in Tampere. Rauhaniemi sauna is easy to access thanks to buses going there all the time from TAMK’s main campus. Outside the sauna, there is the biggest lake in the Tampere area, called Nasijarvi.

Tatiana Antunes is an exchange student from Portugal studying Nursing who was so delighted with the sensation, that she went into the water eight times:

"On October 21st, we went to Rauhaniemi public sauna to have a real experience of Finnish sauna and then go directly into the water and swim. It was a cloudy and grey day, air temperature was 3ºC and  water temperature 7ºC. To me, someone who comes fromsouthern Europe, it was cold, however it did not change my mind about swimming.

After a long time spent in the sauna, the whole group went straight into the water and swam. The feeling was superb! As soon as I left the water, I felt more alive and refreshed, being capable of perfectly handling perfectly the outside temperature just dressed in a swimming suit. I was so delighted with the sensation that I went into the water seven more times! The entire group loved the experience! Right now, we are even more involved within the Finish culture. It was an amazing day to remember!

P.S.: The secret is: don't overthink, just go immediately into the water!"


Text: Andruta Ilie

Photos: Mirja Onduso



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