In October, we packed ourselves into TAMK cars and drove together to Helvetinjärvi National park, in Ruovesi. The drive took us about an hour and we navigated easily to our destination 😀 The plan was to hike the 11km trail from Haukanhieta to Helvetinkolu.

The weather was great: sunny and not too cold!




We were 14 people, ten international students and four mentors. We saw green woods, swamps and small lakes on the way. The trail went up and down hills, along stairs and duckboards.







When we got to Helvetinkolu after hiking a few hours, we unpacked our lunches and started cooking on the camp fire. We had sausages, hot chocolate, tea, coffee, chocolate bananas, stick bread and lots and lots of marshmallows.




To start our way back, we climbed up the Helvetinkolu Gorge. The rocks were slippery, but everyone got up safely and had a lot of fun.







The view down to the Lake Iso Helvetinjärvi was beautiful from the cliffs.




The hike back was even faster than in the morning, and we got back to the cars exhausted, but happy.


Text: Mira Piilemä and Elina Mäenpää

Photos: Sophie Montigny, Andreia Rodrigues, Hegi Rezhda and Vesa-Pekka Tuomaala


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