International Coordinator, Mirja Onduso and Communicator, Andruta Ilie started organizing a series of Finnish activities at TAMK for international students who study or do their exchange at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. The aim of this project is to introduce students to the Finnish lifestyle while connecting with each other and developing friendships.

Located in the heart of Tampere, Spy Museum is the world’s first public museum of international espionage. The idea of the museum belongs to Teppo Turja and the it was turned into reality in 1998. With more than 20,000 visitors every year, Spy Museum is one of the must-see places in Tampere to which some of our international students said yes.

"On the 28th of October, we went to the first Spy Museum in the world. It is located in the Media 57 building and connected with another small shopping mall, which used to be a factory. Student tickets are only 6 euro, but if you want to take photos, you need to pay an extra 5 euros. There are guides in many different languages so me and my friend got one in Chinese. We knew about the history of spying all over the world, and there are also many spy staffs that we tried. First of all, colorless pens which used to hide the information, can only be seen under a special light. And a machine that can recognize real cash, visa cards and even our resident permits. The most interesting one was the voice changer, so funny. And the creepiest one was the double sided mirror. I only saw them in the movies. Anyhow, it is a really nice museum."  says Yimeng Chen, Energy and Environmental student from China.








Text: Andruta Ilie

Photos: Mirja Onduso
In the photos: Yimeng Chen and Anni Chen trying voice-altering, a German war-time naval light used for communication and inspecting uniforms and weapons.


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