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TAMK Ambassadors come from various degree programmes and national backgrounds, allowing them to showcase the TAMK student experience from many different viewpoints and create a truly international experience for visitors.

Let's start with introducing you to Tengfei Liu, an exchange student from China who studies Paper Technology at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Here's how Tengfei describes himself:
"I am an outgoing person, fond of getting to make new friends. I really like TAMK and appreciate this great chance to be an ambassador of TAMK. Let me show you around and introduce you to our amazing TAMK. Are you ready?"



From China also comes Dandan Hou, another one of our exchange students. She really enjoys her stay in Finland and the beautiful nature here. 
"Hi! I'm Dandan Hou and I study Chemical and Process Engineering at TAMK. I really enjoy my stay in Finland. I love forests and nature. I like hiking, running and sleeping. Sometimes I go hiking in the forest with my friends. I really enjoy it. But I have never been to the forest alone, because it’s easy for me to get lost."



Our next ambassador is Qinning Wan and he's also an exchange student from China. Qinning has a background in Applied Chemistry back in his home university and he chose to study Paper Technology with us. You could say Qinning has succeeded in adopting a Finnish lifestyle, given his hobbies: 
"I like playing musical instruments and watching drums TV in my spare time. Besides, swimming is also one of my habits, which is a really exciting workout for keeping fit. I am pretty interested to be a TAMK ambassador and introduce specific information about TAMK to those who need it."


We'll stick for a bit to the biggest continent in this world, but this time with a different country, Vietnam. Linh Nguyen is doing her degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering and she is on a mission:
"I am a 19-year-old cute Vietnamese girl. I love forests, animals and TAMK! TAMK is my sweet home. I want to tell everyone about its beauty! Let's 'TAMK' together!"


Yen Bui comes from Vietnam as well and she is an International Business Tutor Student. She describes herself as a catholic and daydreamer and is very passionate about dancing:
"I love dancing the most. Hip-hop dance is the best thing I ever do in my life. It’s never wrong to say that music can help people to heal their souls. I have started dancing when I was 14, and from that time on, music has always been my best friend."


We're getting closer to home, but not until we greet one of our neighbours. Ivan Denisenko is a first-year student of the Energy and Environmental Engineering double degree programme. He's originally from Vyborg, Russia and he's the right guy to contact for musical collaborations.
"Active and willing to support different kind of social work, I decided to join the TAMK Ambassadors team to bring some of my ideas to life and also help TAMK with my own labour and enthusiasm. More than that, to me it's a great opportunity to get to know many people, both those who are with me in this team and those who I will help as part of my duties. I also write music, sing and play the guitar, so if you have any interesting musical cooperation ideas or need a person for a band, contact me at any time."


We now reached home with our last, but not the least TAMK Ambassador, Elina Eskola. Elina is a Business Information Systems student who enjoys travelling, exploring new places and meeting new people. And she has quite an unusual and interesting favourite hobby...
"I love spending my time either playing, reading or doing various different sports. Aerial fitness is my favourite."



Best of luck to our TAMK Ambassadors and we can’t wait to hear more about their duties and achievements!

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Tengfei Liu blogikuva

TAMK Ambassador, Tengfei Liu and Utte Kress from Germany 

I am so glad today for this was my first time as an ambassador for TAMK. We had a guest from Germany, Ute Kress, who is an IT administrator in the Textiles and Design department of Reutlingen University.

We met in the front of the help-desk office and at first glance,  I perceived her as a kind and nice person.  After an introductory conversation, I learnt that she is responsible for IT Support, including hardware and software for almost 150 Windows computers at her university, back home.

I gave her a tour of TAMK ‘s main campus. We started from the main lobby and after, we went to the Y-campus. There, we checked the individual meeting rooms and I explained her their functions.  She thought it was of great significance to have these meeting rooms for group work. “I like this environment and atmosphere” she said. After Y-campus, we went through the service street, where I introduced her to every office and explained her their functions as well.

Kirjasto 1

Beautiful origami swans in TAMK ‘s library

Moreover, I led her to our library. There, I showed her the bird and client areas. We took a look at the computer rooms which are located on the second floor, near the library, as she requested to see the arrangements and devices in our computer rooms. Besides, we also visited the paper-making laboratory. She wanted to know how our paper-making laboratory looked like, since my study field is Paper Technology. After that, we went to C building to find more computer rooms and she spoke highly of them afterwards. Mostly important, we went outside to observe the architecture of TAMK’s buildings, although it was slightly raining. Once we did that, the plan was to have coffee in the cafeteria, however, we went to the TAMKO office and had some free coffee there, while sitting on the soft and comfortable sofas.

After the coffee break was over, we went to the help-desk office again, as Utte had some questions for the staff there. Finally, we had a group photo taken to mark our joyful tour.

To be honest, I was a little bit afraid to be an ambassador since I have never done this before, but I really enjoyed the process. It was an amazing experience for me, which I will never forget. I like TAMK so I will donate my efforts towards these assignments by being an excellent ambassador.

Text and first photo: Tengfei Liu

Second photo: Aleksi Jolkkonen