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Professor Antonio Roberto de Oliveira has returned to Finland for his second visit this year. This time though, he is not alone. Antonio and six of his students embarked on an innovative journey of discovering new methodologies, learning techniques and entrepreneurship with the aim of changing the traditional system back in their home country, Brazil. On the last leg of their trip, they stopped at TAMK’s Proakatemia to learn more about teamwork and young leadership.

Antonio, where did your second trip to Finland start and when did you arrive to Tampere?

My journey started a week ago, in Helsinki, where we had a workshop on service design and visited a few innovative consultancies.  After that, we went to Tallinn for one day and since Monday, we’ve been in Tampere.

What have you been doing in Tampere?

We visited Mediapolis, New Factory, Futurice , Suomen Luonnonkosmetiikan Osuustukku and Suomen Lasinjalostus during our first two days here. We were impressed by the last company and their great idea of transforming used glass in reusable products. I think that’s an inspiring project. On our last day in Finland, we decided to visit Proakatemia.

What are your impressions so far?

In the morning, there was a one-hour workshop on friend leadership and now we’re taking part in an innovative challenge coming from Suomen Luonnonkosmetiikan Osuustukku, a Finnish company specialized in organic cosmetics. The theme is how to sell organic cosmetic products via Internet. Two of my students, Marcos and his wife, Sheila own a cosmetics company called Medicatriz so they know a lot about the market, customer behavior and touchpoints. Altogether with the rest of the group and Proaketemia students, they have been divided into three teams working together on new ideas. I was amazed to see that Proakatemia students, even though they are younger than my students, are already thinking ahead. They are really nice and engaged people, know what they want and are prepared for the market. The level of discussions in here is high and that’s one the most important things about this place.

Last time we talked, you told me how you wanted to change the traditional system back in your home institution, Rio Branco. Is that still one of your goals?

Yes, it is. In Brazil, the competition is high and we’re not used to work together. When people start learning and going to schools, they’re used with following a traditional system. Nowadays, we’re trying to change their mindsets by working in teams and adding entrepreneurship to all study fields. I know that anyone has the power to be innovative. They just have to push themselves and work as entrepreneurs if they want to create a social impact.

How is this change affecting the way the teacher is perceived?

The teacher is going to be facilitating the process of learning by stepping off of the stage. As a result, students will show more enthusiasm and have more power. To think by themselves and to work in teams. As a teacher, my purpose is to change mindsets with the use of different methodologies. I believe I have the power to do that and show my students the best way to redesign their lives.

Have you got a motto in life?

My motto is “Different to make a difference!”.





In the first three photos: Antonio’s students working in teams with Proakatemia students





In the last two photos: Professor Antonio Roberto de Oliveira, Coordinator of the Master in Branding Innovation at Rio Branco College in Brazil and Virpi Heinonen, Customer Relationship Manager (Global Education at Tampere University of Applied Sciences)

Text & photos: Andruta Ilie

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Collaboration is the new key word in education

On his first visit this year to Finland, Professor Antonio Roberto de Oliveira found some time to come to Tampere University of Applied Sciences and share his knowledge on neuromarketing and branding.

Professor de Oliveira is the Coordinator of the Master in Branding Innovation at Rio Branco College in Brazil, the Regional Director for South America of Managic Institute, Professor at Mackenzie University of Sao Paulo and also the Coordinator of the International Branding Week, an annual event held in partnership with the Brunel University of London. Needless to say he is also a speaker, reviewer and author of prefaces on several books in the areas of Design Thinking and Branding.

During the workshop, the process of brand building was explained and exemplified. ‘A brand is a promise’, once stated Walter Landor, well-known as the founder of Landor Associates (a famous German brand consulting firm started in 1941). However, Professor de Oliveira believes a brand can be best defined as the delivery of a promise. It starts from a design concept and becomes successful when the brand’s vision is aligned between the CEO, the employees and the consumers.

DeOliveira_AI_webNowadays, anyone can become a brand. The way you manage and build your own brand is as important as the way it’s perceived by others. It should stay true to your values and differentiate you from your competitors. Getting a person to know your product or service and actually recommend it to other people requires time, innovation and an outstanding management level. The key to success is customer satisfaction which naturally leads to loyalty. And that can be reached through branding. So if you’re planning a business meant to last, build a brand.

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Text & photo: Andruta Ilie