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Floworks Project Update (8 of 28)Joyful tasks and fun atmosphere are very beneficial for work and productivity. There seemed to be no lack of this in this project team. 

During the summer, there have been three student projects under works from Floworks. Orientation Goes Online, Building Connection with International Degree Programme Applicants and Video Production Team for Mindtrek 2016. At the end of the summer, nearly two months later, these projects are almost finished on the 28th of July.

How was summer?

Shy smiles came to faces with the words “Pretty good!”, “It’s good!” to answer the question. With two intensive months behind their backs, the students were quite happy about the projects and working with Floworks. They had done many things and felt accomplishment over these.

Best parts about the projects?

Floworks Project Update (6 of 28)A display of a popular Portuguese  TV show that only one understood, but others thought as funny. 

After looking at each other for a while, “teamwork” and “connecting with people in the teams” were the best parts that came up. Everyone got to know each other very well and now considered them as friends. New connections and friends are always welcome.

The most challenging part?

Floworks Project Update (22 of 28)Floworks coach and lecturer, Timo Nevalainen in the middle of the summer projects. 

Many challenges were felt during the summer, but time constraints and the fulfillment of clients’ needs were probably the hardest parts. Some of the students had to learn a new thing or two with a different software and workflow management, but everyone learned about the interaction with clients. This is sometimes extremely hard, as even the client might not know what they want.

How are the projects progressing?

Floworks Project Update (16 of 28)Floworks has this “Back to Basics” paper form progress and feedback wall to visualize and fathom the project’s progress. 

There has been quite a challenge with the progress, as new ideas come and go with realization of the actual possibilities. Regardless of this, the projects are doing great! Orientation Goes Online  is nearly finished with some retouching and video editing still in progress and all of the material produced is going to be available for the 2017 orientation. There are going to be very useful video clips for different topics such as: printing, library, registration in Finland and many similar topics.

Somewhat a similar topic, Building Connection with International Degree Programme Applicants is reorganizing the information sites for international exchange and degree students to give a better understanding to the applicants. There has been a challenge of overlap with the orientation project, as the teams were solving similar problems. They had a great idea of bringing past experiences in a more approachable way to the applicants. Direct questions regarding the most asked questions by the applicants were interviewed from current students. This project is also going to be finished soon.

The last project, Video Production Team for Mindtrek 201s, was probably the most challenging, as it concerned video promotion for the seminar. There have been many ideas and possibilities that were pondered and measured, until the team had got the right and funny idea for a viral video. The production of the video will be quite fast when they get the green light from the client.

What did the students learn?

Floworks Project Update (18 of 28)Did you know that TAMK has a photo bank for students and staff that can be accessed at ?

Students represented many fields: Energy and Environmental Engineering, Arts and Media, Music and ICT Engineering. All of them learned new skills like client handling, marketing, promotion and project management. Also, depending on the project: video production, filming, web design, html, CSS and team feedback were some other skills they learned during the summer. Hopefully, these new skills will be of great use for the students afterwards!

We will be hearing more about the results once the projects are finished!


Text & photos: Aleksi Jolkkonen

Floworks living lab is a 21st century development hub at Tampere University of Applied Sciences, which contributes to education by making internal operations function better. Sometimes described as co-creation of the education or students bringing innovation to education, Floworks works closely with students and engages them in a variety of learning projects.

It started in 2010 with a realization that there was a specific need of development opportunities to pursue. Resources were available for staff, however, there wasn’t enough time to dedicate to every single one of them. Since these projects seemed to be great learning experiences and students possessed the required skills and could get credits for them, why not combine the two elements and turn it into an excellent learning opportunity? As an answer to that question, Floworks was developed.

A small team of people, consisting of a Development Manager, Ilkka Haukijärvi and three Coaches, Jussi Hannunen, Timo Nevalainen and Kseniya Tarasova are actively engaged in working with students. From 1st of August, a new team member, Clémentine Arpiainen, will start working in Floworks as an Analyst. She will be closely involved within the living lab, including such areas as coaching, research, and development of the operations in general.

Projects vary from Engineering and ICT to Healthcare and Coaches are open to all degree programme students. It should be directly connected to their personalized curriculum so they are building their capabilities and competences expected to use in their future careers. The competences brought to each project include use of social media, use of ICT in delivering services along with a designer orientation for service modelling approach to development work.

However, Coaches understand there is no such thing as one fits all so, for particular projects, they’re looking for students with skills to match the requirements. In order to find them, they contact staff members and ask them to promote the projects, use social media tools and TAMK’s own communications system, Intra. In some occasions, they approach students personally by visiting them during classes and introduce them to the projects.

Projects are requested by TAMK’s organizational and teaching staff and their number varies a lot. Earlier this year, Floworks had about ten projects running at the same time. Coach Jussi Hannunen believes that’s quite a lot, but there are no limits. “Five to seven projects are more comfortable to work with. We value quality to quantity and we won’t take up any projects which don’t fit TAMK’s strategy and criteria.”

Deadlines for the projects are set with Floworks’s customers after deciding when they need the product and what is practical for the team. Students are guided by Coaches about their responsibilities so they know exactly what they have to do from the start until the end.

So far, Floworks’s customers have been really impressed by the work students put in. They realized that the more they engage with the project, the more useful the product will be and the deliverables. And that they can learn a lot about the functions of their own operations. Most of the projects have been successful and delivered what was expected from them and sometimes more.

Summer projects

This summer, Floworks has three exciting projects going on: “Orientation Goes Online”, “Building Connection with International Degree Programme Applicants” and “Video Production Team for Mindtrek 2016”.

Coach Timo Nevalainen reveals the purpose of the first two projects and how new students will benefit from them: “We’re trying to find ways to do online orientation for new international students before they arrive at TAMK and also during the orientation week at their arrival in Tampere. To come up with a service where TAMK will be as open and helpful as possible from the first minute a student is interested in studying with us. We’re targeting students from outside the European Union for our degree programmes in English. If they can learn more things before coming here, then they could dedicate more time to socializing at their arrival in Finland and take in the new information in a more relaxed way.

The second project aims to connect potential students considering applying to the International Business programme with existing students and staff here. This way, they will already have some contacts here and their parents will receive more information about TAMK.”

“There are two co-creative projects developing for new students by TAMK’s IB students. In these two projects, we have students from Arts and Media, Environmental Engineering and Piano Pedagogy. Third project comes from our partner, MINTREK. Mindtrek is an international conference on open community development and newest digital technologies in business, taking place in Tampere on the 17th of October. Altogether, the projects are covering the months of June, July and August.” adds Coach Kseniya Tarasova.

“Everybody needs new tools in delivering the services they provide, whether they’re provided to students, or in general. There’s always a chance to do your work better. And students can help with that by giving information, ideas, or even taking a concept that you have and turn it into a service you can use. These kind of opportunities exist in all big organizations, such as TAMK. There’s no fear that we will run out of projects.” concludes Jussi Hannunen.

Coach Jussi Hannunen hosting a workshop at Floworks

Coach Jussi Hannunen hosting a workshop at Floworks

Coach Kseniya Tarasova

Coach Kseniya Tarasova

Coach Timo Nevalainen

Coach Timo Nevalainen

TAMK students taking part in Floworks's summer projects

TAMK students taking part in Floworks’s summer projects

Floworks's Coaches working closely with TAMK students

Floworks’s Coach, Kseniya Tarasova having a lunch break with TAMK students


Text & photos: Andruta Ilie

Floworks Jam (2 of 3)

Eager students ready to invent great things

Three challenging summer projects were introduced for a group of students working with Floworks: Orientation Goes Online, Building Connection with International Degree Programme Applicants and Video Production Team for Mindtrek 2016.

Y-Kampus was the location for the 12-hour Kick-off Jam that started in the morning of Thursday, 2nd of June. Lecturer and Coach, Timo Nevalainen had the students begin the day with a fun teamwork game. Everyone formed a circle and one person pointed for three to do an imitation of something. Choices for these were an elephant, a mosquito and a toaster. A loud laughter boomed around Y-Kampus during the fun game. After the students relaxed themselves and their brains from the active game, it was easier to follow up the lecture about idea generation. The main point of the lecture was to use different tools to generate as many awful, bad, great and awesome ideas. Quantity over quality matters here.

Floworks Jam (1 of 3)

Morning activation game: mosquito imitation

The projects presented by Floworks’s Project Assistant and Coach, Kseniya Tarasova aimed to overcome some of the challenges with student orientation and development of the Mindtrek 2016 conference. The day continued with a Post-It note workshop where students circulated around tables in mixed groups. The purpose was to talk and discuss while writing new ideas on the Post-It notes regarding the project on the table. This kind of method resulted in tremendous amount of new ideas from the students. Eventually, the tables were filled with Post-It notes.

Floworks Jam (3 of 3)

Post-It notes are a great tool for any team working and brainstorming sessions

With the first idea generation round finished, it was time to introduce some of the project commissioners from TAMK. Head of Higher Education Services, Aura Loikkanen, International Coordinator, Piri Hiltunen and Tamko Tutoring Expert, Satu Hiltunen came to present the orientation project goals and requirements for success. The students had the possibility to ask questions related to the projects and the ideas they generated. Some ideas might not work for different reasons and this was a very good time to find out while the commissioners were there.

The day continued with more ideas, group discussions and concept developments. There shall be more updates about the projects during the summer.


Text and photos: Aleksi Jolkkonen

Tutkii ja kehittää (2 of 39)

Laboratory Engineer, Eero Pellikka showing the tools automation students are using for the practical task.

TAMK had a research and development day, where many departments were opened for the staff. On 27.4, the automation and electrical classrooms were also opened along with Floworks offices and Finmedi physiotherapy learning environments. The different R&D projects that TAMK is involved in were displayed near the lunch cafeteria, next to the thesis works done by many students. Multiple lectures on various topics were given in the classrooms.

Tutkii ja kehittää (11 of 39)

TA display of thesis posters in the Teiskontie 33 lobby.


The research and development day at TAMK was a day full of interesting sights and learning environments to see. The thesis posters in the picture above were one of the main attractions. Thesis displayed represented automobile engineering, emergency care, nursing and health care, and intelligent machines. These works also took part in a competition to select the very best ones. The students who made them gave lectures about them during the day.

This spring, there have been nearly 100 new additions to the thesis archive to the over 10 000 produced by TAMK students. These can be found and studied at

Tutkii ja kehittää (22 of 39)

Floworks living lab staff displaying new technology for team work


The teaching environment development department of TAMK, Floworks has been busy with many new projects. The biggest of these is the examination room environment . This is a national development project to bring convenience into studying. Its full potential EXAM would allow students of TAMK to do their exams in Helsinki, if one of the schools there had the same type of examination room. Watch a video to learn more about EXAM.

Other projects Floworks is working on are the teaching development projects. These aim to create new and interesting ways of teaching in TAMK. They are mainly focused on the interactive digitalized platforms and similar types of solutions. Floworks aims to create working sollutions through practical projects with both students and teachers alike. The website states this nicely in the following way:

“Floworks projects interconnect to genuine needs, and their aim is to generate both individual knowhow as well as some sort of an end product.”


Tutkii ja kehittää (28 of 39)

Physiotherapy student, Suvi Tuomisto and Clinic Supervisor, Anne Ketola showing the different learning environments.


In the Biokatu 4, building T there is a wellbeing clinic. During the R&D day, there was a very nice tour held by students and staff of the department. The wellbeing clinic is an interesting concept of entrepreneurship and practical learning. The students are running a health clinic for physiotherapy. They offer various tests such as body composition, mobility, condition and spinal measurement with the Spinal Mouse. Some of these technologies are not to be found in many places. For example, the Spinal Mouse measures user’s spinal alignment in relaxed and onload conditions in order to give an accurate measurement of current posture status. This is a very useful measuring tool for office workers who might sometimes forget about good posture.

Other learning environments the physiotherapy students use are spaces such as: multi-activity rooms, functional gym, workout spaces, massage rooms and swimming pool. These environments give a very broad spectrum of learning possibilities. More information about the health clinic can be found on their website (only in Finnish).

Tutkii ja kehittää (25 of 39)

TAMK’s very own formula race car!


The engineering departments offered multiple shows of the learning environments. One of the most interesting was the formula race car of TAMK. The project Tampere UAS Motorsport was released to public on the 1st of April, and has involved over 90 students from 9 different fields of study. It is a very practical and interesting project for the students. More information can be inquired at

Tutkii ja kehittää (6 of 39)

Intelligent camera in the automation classroom.


The Automation technology learning environment had a great tour where Laboratory Engineer, Eero Pellikka gave an informative presentation about the different functions and possibilities of Automation Technology. Students use this environment to learn in a very practical way this approach. They build a machine and set different parameters for what the machine does in case something happens. A very simple example of the machine could be one that pushes objects from a conveyor belt if an intelligent camera sees the object as a failure. The learning environment is full of different types of parts which  can be added to one large system. Most of the automation happens in a large mainframe computer where the students program the parameters with a virtual operating system connected to the mainframe. This is somewhat similar to new cloud storage platforms like OneDrive and Google Drive for end-users. Automation Engineering is one of many different fields of interesting Engineering studies TAMK has to offer.

Tutkii ja kehittää (14 of 39)

TAMK’s different R&D projects displayed in the upcoming R&D showroom near the main cafeteria


Along the thesis posters there were posters about TAMK’s R&D projects. These projects are mostly coordinated by staff in cooperation with local companies, other universities and the Finnish government. Right now, one of the local company cooperation projects is the KIVIREKI project. This very interesting project aims to develop models for the local sustainable agriculture. With city agriculture, the food production could be done very locally near the end-consumer. TAMK has received a grant of 49 285 EUR from the European Regional Development Fund to develop efficient resourced urban agriculture business models. More about this project can be found here. (only in Finnish)

TAMK’s Research and Development day was a very interesting experience for all who attended. These special days give the possibility to see what TAMK has to offer to its students and staff.


Text & photos: Aleksi Jolkkonen